Delivery in refrigerated trucks

We offer safe delivery in the refrigerated trucks of any medical goods that require special temperature conditions, of various types and dimensions. Our experts will select the best delivery method, taking into account all your requirements.

The advantages of delivery in refrigerated vehicles include the possibility of developing an individual route, the most accurate delivery time, the fulfillment of additional requirements for forwarding and the preparation of reporting documents. Modern fleet of various tonnage allows you to choose the best transport to minimize the cost of delivery.

The refrigerated trucks for the transportation of drugs are equipped with a onboard recorders and are being validated. We provide a full range of services, including the development of routes, taking into account the partial unloading of cars at the point of delivery, forwarding, signing and return of documents.

Transportation of drugs

One of the most sought-after vehicles is a refrigerated truck for the transportation of vaccines. Such trucks: Have high hygienic and heat-insulating characteristics; Equipped with necessary fixings and profiles for securing loads; Ensure the safety of the cargo even during stops; Equipped with special sensors that automatically monitor the temperature, the technical condition and detect faults.

Temperature is monitored throughout the whole route. Vaccines and other immunobiological and thermolabile cargos arrive on time with all the qualities preserved.

We offer optimal conditions for transportation by refrigerated trucks at an affordable price with a guarantee of cargo safety. All documents confirming the suitability of transport for the delivery of special goods- on request.

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