Delivery for clinical examination

Clinical research logistics is a range of services for the selection and delivery of the studying and registered drugs, samples, biomaterials, related materials, and other goods. This is a responsible work, where the slightest temperature drops or violation of delivery times may affect the results of the entire study.

We carry out delivery in accordance with the temperature regime for clinical studies using thermal recorders, maximally optimizing paperwork and routes. Transportation is carried out by refrigerated transport or air transport using modern thermal containers.

A large number of customers have already managed to use the options we have developed in the field of transportation of goods and medical materials, and have appreciated our advantages:

Individual approach;

Cargo insurance;

Round-the-clock work without days off;

Optimal combination of price and quality;

Use of high-quality equipment and modern transport;

Flexibility in solving any tasks;

The shortest time at low cost

We perform delivery for clinical studies using special thermal containers and ice packs for deliveries at temperatures of -20 ° C, + 2 + 8 ° C, + 15 + 25 ° C and dry ice on deliveries with a temperature regime of -70 ° C

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