Delivery in thermal containers

Thanks to special vehicles and modern equipment, it has become possible to transport goods that require special temperature conditions over long distances without losing their properties and qualities. Our company offers the delivery of any medicines and biomaterials.

Some types of cargo require compliance with the conditions of the "cold chain" - a system that provides temperature regime during storage and delivery. In such cases, thermal containers are used - special isothermal packaging that allows us to transport cargo safely. Thermal recorders are used to monitor compliance with the cold chain, they continuously record temperature changes during transportation.

This service is particularly relevant for the transport of medicines, biomaterials, vaccines and all sorts of pharmaceutical preparations. We offer delivery in high quality medical thermal containers at an affordable price.


Cargoes are protected from external temperature influences;

Compliance with the temperature regime allows us to deliver the goods in complete safety;

Containers are airproof and suitable for transporting special cargoes;

Equipped with thermal recorders: to control the slightest temperature changes;

Maintaining the temperature is possible in a wide range.

Thermal container for the transportation of vaccines makes it possible to deliver drugs in compliance with all requirements. We use high-quality, registered containers of various sizes, ensuring the safety of vaccines and other goods during the delivery stages. Thermal containers for blood transportation protect the biomaterial from the influence of the external environment, ensure the safety of all its properties. We will arrange prompt delivery, in full compliance with current sanitary standards, in compliance with all necessary conditions.

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