Express transportation in Kazakhstan

If your goods require the fastest possible transportation, you can order express delivery from our company. This type of service in transport logistics provides transportation on an urgent basis, by direct routes, with minimal expenditure of travel time. This method is chosen if necessary to deliver important documents, perishable and other goods "up to the door". Express delivery in temperature regime involves the urgent transportation of medicines, bio-samples, drugs that need special temperature conditions and, as a rule, in special packaging.

Express delivery features

Express delivery to the day is not only the courier transportation that has already become customary for many companies, organizations, and private individuals with the delivery of the goods “from hand to hand” on the same day. It's also an urgent delivery of goods between regions, as well as international destinations. Including using direct routes and charter flights and registration of all customs documents.

Express delivery across Kazakhstan and the countries of the far abroad

We work with urgent cargoes in all possible directions, ensuring the minimum time limits from the moment of shipment to its transfer to the recipient. You can order express delivery from us. We transport multiload and other cargoes. We specialize in the transportation in special conditions of drugs, vaccines, reagents, biological samples from clients taken for clinical studies, reproductive biomaterials (embryos, etc.) and other temperature cargoes. We provide all the specified conditions thanks to: optimally shortened route schemes developed by our express delivery service; own fleet of mobile, maneuverable vehicles, equipped for temperature transportation; use of thermal containers; correctly executed and the most complete enabling documentation. All along the way, temperature indicators are monitored. Cargo does not go unheeded and accompanied only by qualified professionals. You can order express delivery of medicines and other goods by phone number:

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