Cold chain

Our company carries out quality delivery in compliance with the cold chain. This service is particularly relevant for the transport of medicines, biomaterials, vaccines and all sorts of pharmaceutical preparations. We offer a smoothly functioning system that ensures optimal temperature storage and transportation of medicines (or other thermo-dependent products) at all stages of delivery and transit from the manufacturer to the consumer.

The staff of our company are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field of logistics.

Preparations and biomaterials are very susceptible to external influences and may lose their properties, with any violation of storage and transportation. The cold chain is a necessary measure that preserves drug activity until it is used. In such cases, thermal containers are used - special isothermal packaging that allows us to transport cargo safely. Also, our company has its own, technically equipped fleet for the transportation of medicines and other temperature cargo.

Our qualified specialists promptly manage cargo flows, we use the most optimal logistic solutions, provide the opportunity to transport equipment for the treatment of patients for many kilometers. Direct arrangements with airlines help us to organize air transportation. During the transportation of goods, we accurately monitor compliance with the required temperature regimes at all stages of delivery.

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