International delivery

Delivery of goods requiring special temperature conditions has already become a special area in the field of logistics. We carry out transportation of such products on international routes by air with the use of modern equipment, which allows to guarantee the safety of all the qualities and properties of the delivered substances, biomaterials and other pharmaceutical and medical products in compliance with the following temperature regimes: +15+25C, +2+25C, +2+8C, -15-25C, -70 dry ice, -196C liquid nitrogen.

Terms and benefits

During the work of the company in this market, our experts have developed a variety of solutions that make international delivery of any product safe, reliable and economical. We will take into account all the details and arrange transportation in full accordance with your and international requirements, providing full reporting and the necessary documentation package. We work without days off and holidays, delivering goods twenty-four seven to fulfil the most responsible and complex orders.

Delivery of temperature cargo

Our company specializes in international delivery with temperature conditions around the World. We provide multiple services for Express delivery, transportation on dry ice of various medical products:

Medicinal products;

Research materials;

Cryopreserved products;

Pharmaceutical substances;

Biological samples;

Medical equipment.

To use our services, it is enough to draw up an application on the website using a special form.

Our company provides services of international express delivery, with registration of all necessary documents for the transportation, compliance with the rules of transportation of special cargo, requiring compliance with the temperature regime.

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