Customs registration

Customs clearance of goods has the most important place in international cargo transport and allows you to legitimize the movement, location and sale of imported goods in the territory of the Customs Union and foreign countries.

Carrying out transportation to various points of the world, we carry out customs clearance in Almaty from A to Z with the preparation of enable, financial, transport and accompanying documents, goods declarations, control procedures - up to the release of goods and their delivery to the consignee’s warehouse.

Customs clearance services

Cargo owners trust us with all transportation logistics, receiving timely delivery of goods to the addressee.

We thoroughly know how all documents are properly drawn up and payments are calculated, we have many years of successful experience in transporting various types and types of cargo - from multiloads to general cargoes, from drawing up parcels to customs clearance of imported equipment.

Customs clearance of products in our company

Specialists of the company will provide you with all possible assistance, including detailed consultation, maintenance of foreign economic activity, assistance in preparing a foreign economic contract, obtaining certificates for products, representing your interests in the control and inspection procedures. As part of the services we carry out:

delivery of goods to the customs control zone, placement in a temporary warehouse or secure custody warehouse;

execution of a complete package of accompanying documentation;

preparation, filling out a goods declaration (GD);

calculation of duties and payments

filing a declaration;

cargo escort during inspection by representatives of the competent authorities;

release of goods and vehicle and delivery to the consignee’s warehouse.

Correct processing of customs documents and the implementation of all procedures are a guarantee that, due to errors or inaccuracies, the cargo will not be detained at the border for examination and delivery will be carried out exactly within the agreed time frame. We provide such conditions of delivery.

Cost. In each case, the price for customs clearance of exports or imports is formed individually based on the addition of existing tariffs. Among the cost components are the volume of services you need, the specifics of the cargo itself, the number of FEACN codes that need to be determined, the need for the forwarding service, the nature of the contract (one-time service or on an ongoing basis), etc.

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