Thermal transportation of vaccines

Transportation of vaccines and other immunobiological preparations. In our work we apply scientific and technical achievements and developments that allow us to provide high quality logistics services.

We develop individual logistic schemes and routes in accordance with the schedule and scope of supply, using both air and road transport. In a short time, we will supply medical institutions with the preparation. In coordination with the customer we carry out signing of reporting documents and their fast return. We provide graphs of temperature data in the process of delivery from the onboard recorders of refrigerated trucks and thermal recorders, as well as other information necessary for reporting.

Thermal container for the transportation of vaccines makes it possible to deliver drugs in compliance with all requirements. We use quality, registered as medical equipment, containers of various sizes (10, 30, 50, 80, 280 liters), ensuring the safety of vaccines at the delivery stages.

Temperature is monitored throughout the whole route. Vaccines and other immunobiological and thermolabile cargos arrive on time with all the qualities preserved.

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